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Legnano, Further World Cup Event!

Hmmm... another weekend, another comp...

This was another Grand Prix. So very tough... Plus had a hideous cold...

Fenced well. Really well. But not well enough in the end.

In the poule:

SUI - Won
CAN - Lost
POL - Lost (Just in extra time)
AUT - Won
ITA - Won
RUS - Won

So 4/6 in the poule, which wasn't bad. This gave me 2 knock-outs to reach the Top 64. Won the first comfortably against a young Russian fencer. Then I had the wonder of Beran (CZE) - previously up to 20th in the world... Tight fight - lost 15-14 in the extra minute, having been 13-11 up, then 14-13 down, levelling to 14-14 at the death and losing priority. Then getting it wrong and losing 15-14. Bugger.

In the team, we fenced Japan - comfortable win. Then France - world number 1. Fantastic experience, didn't disgrace ourselves, but lost. Then Canada - lost 30-29, just couldn't quite finish it. Then China, lost again. Finally Venezuela - again lost. Lots of fencing, good team atmosphere, and a start towards working well.

We'll see how it goes...

Photos HERE