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Hadouken, Koko 2008

Lucky enough to get a free ticket to see them as part of the iTunes festival on the 4th July...

Also playing were Does it Offend You, Yeah?

Now both are trying to offer 1980s game music, with a hard rock edge - a la Atari Teenage Riot. Neither are yet as good or as blastingly hard as ATR.

However, if you ever wanted a sign as to why British society is falling under the weight of irresponsible, greedy, annoying little buggers called teenagers, then Hadouken is the band for you. Like music for the jilted generation summed up the early nineties, music for an accelerated nation does it for the late noughties.

Problem is that the summation is:
Smoke, Drink, F*ck, Lie, Steal, Break things, and generally be ignorant of everyone and think your better than the rest when actually the teens tha tI saw there were a bunch of morons.

Felt like a bloody grandpa, and nothing the stupid chav front man of Hadouken said could I really relate to - I am not a thug. People are obviously keen to be thugs.

I on the other hand have spent my life avoiding the curse of the provincial military town - booze and underachievement...