True mumblings, from a junior doctor...

Braid - completed

FInished. Worth it.

Still not sure I get the resolution, but still well worth the effort.

Beautifully done.


Just picked up Braid for the mac.

Oh my god it's awesome.

It's also damn annoying, but for about £7 - so so worth it.

If you haven't tried/heard about it, it's originally an XBox 360 Live Arcade Game, then ported to the PS3 and the PC/Mac. In it you play a guy called Tim who's rescuing a Princess he lost through a mistake. The gameplay is essentially platforming puzzle-tastic, but crucially each level is a puzzle where you manipulate time to achieve the result and each world has a different mechanism. I'm yet to finish it, and I've been playing pretty hard over the last few days. Often the puzzle answers are clear but how to effect them is not!

Probably the best game I've played in ages, including things like Modern Warfare 2 and GTA 4...

Buy it, you will definitely NOT regret it.

GTA 4, Burnout, Dead Rising, Mass Effect

These are all trying to take my time away from me...

GTA 4 hasn't had a chance yet as I've been playing Burnout and decorating...

so much easier to dip into burnout.

plus I want to play Pro Evo on the Wii...


XBOX 360 has landed - for free!


Plus it has come with Mass Effect, not Project Gotham Racing (which Pendulum contributed a track to the soundtrack of).

Strange but true!

XBOX 360 as a lovely prize...

I won a chuffing XBox 360 on XFM yesterday!  Also got tickets to awesome band Pendulum's album unleashing at Fabric in London.  How effing wicked is that?

Grand Theft Auto 4 here I come!

But seriously, how often do you randomly text in to a radio station and win something?  Not that often, surely.  Only happened twice in two attempts for me... I love XFM!  Plus the music is ace too.

I'll let you know what happens soon.