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Elite Epee Men's Epee Final, October 2010

This is a video of two of my friends fencing in the final of the Elite Epee this year.

Great final, and great competition too frankly!

Part 1:

Part 2:


Berne, World Cup Event!

I dislike Berne. Not because of the place, which is lovely, but merely because I'm always rubbish there.

This year was no different. Off a period of relatively low training thanks to exams, I crept to Berne hopeful I could give a similar performance to Legnano. Oh such a shame.

To start with it wasn't the hardest or biggest comp, but tough enough. In my poule I fenced like a wally. My first fight I lost 5-0. Mainly due to being off the pace and the opponent (HUN) being exactly the wrong guy to work a head of steam (i.e. nice and steady in the right place the whole time...). Then second fight (ITA) 1-0 up, 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 down; bit down and concentrated 2-3, 3-3. Then stupidly 3-4 down with about 45 seconds left. Finally pulled off a good hit to get back level 4-4. Into extra-time 5-4 win. This set the tone - 4 wins by 1 hit, and two absolute thrashings. Fenced like a plonker, but a grimly determined plonker.

Ended up with a reasonable 40ish seeding, and a bye into the 96. Here I met a guy (CZE) I had beaten 5-4 in the poule. This didn't go well, as I continued my rubbishness and fell behind early. This was compounded by a complete lack of ability to attack today... game over and an early bath.

So what have I learnt? I learnt that I wasn't fencing well and yet still managed to win 4 out of 6 in my poule. That's not bad. Essentially with my game working I should have won through to the next day and at least 16 on previous form. We'll see if I can make this happen in the future.

Photos here

Legnano, Further World Cup Event!

Hmmm... another weekend, another comp...

This was another Grand Prix. So very tough... Plus had a hideous cold...

Fenced well. Really well. But not well enough in the end.

In the poule:

SUI - Won
CAN - Lost
POL - Lost (Just in extra time)
AUT - Won
ITA - Won
RUS - Won

So 4/6 in the poule, which wasn't bad. This gave me 2 knock-outs to reach the Top 64. Won the first comfortably against a young Russian fencer. Then I had the wonder of Beran (CZE) - previously up to 20th in the world... Tight fight - lost 15-14 in the extra minute, having been 13-11 up, then 14-13 down, levelling to 14-14 at the death and losing priority. Then getting it wrong and losing 15-14. Bugger.

In the team, we fenced Japan - comfortable win. Then France - world number 1. Fantastic experience, didn't disgrace ourselves, but lost. Then Canada - lost 30-29, just couldn't quite finish it. Then China, lost again. Finally Venezuela - again lost. Lots of fencing, good team atmosphere, and a start towards working well.

We'll see how it goes...

Photos HERE

Doha, World Cup Event!

So I've been building up to this - the big comp...

The way a Grand Prix in fencing works is this:

Each team enters a certain number of fencers. I believe the maximum is 12 per country. Traditionally, the strong teams are European, but now the Chinese & US teams and the rest of the world are more than a match for most.

The comp is divided into two days. The first day is a preliminary day, consisting of a group stage (poule) of ideally 7 fencers. In that stage, it's up to 5 hits in 3 minutes. Then based on those results, some get eliminated, some get straight through to the next day to join the world top 16, and then the rest fight off to leave 32. This gives 64 for the finals day. They battle through to win.

In Doha, the prize is €10,000! That's unheard of in fencing. Bastards.

So how did I do? Well... Not as well as I hoped. Not as bad as it could have been.

128 total.
112 in the poules.
79 promoted...

Poule of:
1. Pol - loss 5-0 (bollocks)
2. Can - win 5-1
3. Ger - win 5-3
4. Ita - loss 3-2 on priority (bugger)
5. UAE - win 5-2
6. Esp - lost 4-3 on priority (bugger)
7. Me!

So 3-3 in the poule meant I was slap bang in the middle of the draw. Only problem was I met a bloody good guy - another Pol... and despite his injured knee he was good enough to beat me 15-13...

close, but no cigar... piccies up on the link

Day 2 in Doha...



breakfast, more training - not as good today, think they've come up to speed and I haven't!
lunch, then sightseeing in doha - yay! photos to follow which I think will impress.

also the wikipedia site about doha is much better now - here and a cracking map here

would have been bloody useful to have them before we got here, but hey.

Been selected for Legnano (Italy, near Milan) Grand Prix too... yay!

photos to follow when I can be arsed.

Doha, Qatar... Fencing Grand Prix + Team

First day in Doha...

Easy flight in (London-Bahrain-Doha), got to watch all of Ghost Town (funny film indeed!) and then some of Hellboy 2 but crucially the little buggers didn't turn the vids back on the second 20 min hop... bastards...

hotel easy, free trip there... I like competitions here from the funding point of view.

training against the other countries is awesome... it's amazing how eye-opening it is to be gently thrashed by other guys who are obviously better than you, but you can keep up a reasonable pace in training. I think this week is going to be good for my training. Well bloody better be or else by friday everyone else is going to be that much better it'll hurt!