Gut Hormones

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Cholecystokinin (duodenum and jejunum) - increases gall bladder contraction, increases colonic motility.

Gastrin (antrum and duodenum) - increases gastric acid secretion, increases GI mucosal growth, increases pancreatic secretion indirectly through binding with cholecystokinin.

Secretin (duodenum and jejunum) - increases pancreatic bicarbonate production.

VIP (enteric nerves) - increases intestinal secretion, splanchnic vasodilation.

Pancreatic polypeptide (pancreas) - reduces biliary and pancreatic secretion.

Peptide YY (ileum and colon) - inhibits pancreatic exocrine function.

Neuropeptide Y (enteric nerves) - regulates intestinal blood flow.

Motilin (whole gut) - increases small bowel motility.

Bombesin (gut and pancreas) - stimulates pancreatic exocrine activity.

Somatostatin (stomach and pancreas) - inhibits secretion and action of gut hormones.