Gastric Ulcers

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• Occur mainly in the elderly

• On the lesser curve of the stomach (mainly)

• Ulcers elsewhere are more likely to be malignant

Risk Factors:

• H. pylori (80%)

• Smoking


• Reflux of duodenal contents

• Delayed gastric emptying

• stress

• e.g. neurosurgery (Cushing's Ulcers)

• burns (Curling's Ulcers)


May be asymptomatic

• Or cause epigastric pain (related to meals and relieved by antacids)

• Weight loss

• May also present with complications -> haematemasis, or perforation


Upper GI endoscopy must be performed to exclude malignancy

• Take multiple biopsies from the rim and base of the ulcer (histology, H. pylori) and brushings (cytology)

Treatment of peptic ulcers