Duodenal Ulcers

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• 4 x commoner than gastric ulcers

Major Risk Factors:

• H. pylori (90%)

• drugs (aspirin, NSAIDs, steroids)

Minor Risk Factors:

Increased gastric acid secretion

• Increased gastric emptying (reduced duodenal pH)

• Blood group O

• Smoking

• Role of stress = controversial


• Epigastric pain typically before meals or at night, relieved by eating, or drinking milk

• 50% are asymptomatic, others experience recurrent episodes


• Epigastric tenderness (non-specific)


• Upper GI endoscopy (stop anti-ulcer drugs 1/52 before)

• Test for H. pylori

• Gastrin concentrations should be measured if Zollinger-Ellison syndrome is suspected


• Non-ulcer dyspepsia

• Duodenal Crohn's Disease


• Lymphoma

• Pancreatic cancer

Treatment of Peptic Ulcers