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• Chronic airway disease

• Episodes of reversible airway narrowing

• Recurrent episodes of dyspnoea, cough and wheeze

• Affects 5-8% of the population

• Modern, urban, economically developed society -> increased occurrence of asthma

• Migration from low risk area to high risk area confers increased risk

• Wall of airway in asthma is thickened by oedema, cellular infiltration, increased smooth-muscle mass and glands.

• Progresses to Remodelling of the airway, and fibrosis of the airway wall, fixed narrowing of the airway and a reduced response to bronchodilator medication

• Beta blockers, salicylates and NSAIDs can cause bronchoconstriction in asthmatics.  Salicylates and NSAIDs block the arachidonic acid metabolism (from prostaglandin pathway to leukotriene pathway).

• 2000 deaths/year (though may only be 1000), of which 50% are > 65 years old