Carter: The Unstoppable Sex Machine, Brixton Academy, 2nd November 2007 

 How do I put it...  By god I was surprised, but in a good way I think...  Photo's of the LAST EVER CARTER USM GIG!!!!

And all that cock bollocks

So, I'm asked by my lovely girlfriend if I want to go to some gig by one of her favourite bands, Carter: The Unstoppable Sex Machine.  So what do I expect?  I expect that it'll be a gig of indie music.


But what did I actually get?  Music that I normally listen to.  Two heavy noise-niks from the '90s playing some actually pretty political songs.  Nice and driving, heavy-weight stuff.  Plus they were entertaining.  I liked it a lot actually.  

At the time I wasn't so pleased though, because of one thing - THE SOUND.  Brixton Academy have ruined their venue in my opinion - the last 3 gigs I've been to there have suffered from ridiculous sound levels - well above damaging decibel levels and well below quality thresholds.  Due to this awful mix, at least 50% of the people I was watching CARTER with were covering their ears.  And most of the rest were pissed.  Is it that hard for the best venue in the capital to have reasonable sound?  Shepherd's Bush manages it.  Hammersmith manages it.  Hell even Brixton USED to manage it.  Now they have a cheapo set of over loaded speakers.  Rubbish.

Back to the gig.  Good long set, good support from Sultans of Ping, f.c. and frankly a good evening, despite my tiredness!  Well worth the trip.  More and more in retrospect I realise how good it was - easier now my ears don't hurt like sharp knives are digging around in them...


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