Mark Ronson @ Shepherd's Bush Empire 25/10/2007

 Fantastic Gig - his first in London.  Great Fun, with photos!

 After a week of nights, and a morning scrubbing the department, the day hadn't started auspiciously for the fabled 'Mark Ronson' gig.  Also, what to expect from a producer who hasn't yet released any original songs, but risen to fame on an album of (very good) covers.


Shepherd's Bush Empire, is very small.  It is also possibly perfect for a gig - high rafters, intimate venue, blisteringly loud music.  All good good stuff...  I was late, as the sodding traffic in London is like putting your testicles in a blender and then setting it on low and slow.  

So on to the music.  First up were Candy Payne...  Didn't really listen to them too much - quite reasonable background music whilst the place filled up.

Ronson and his troupe of performing legends.  Bass and tenor sax, trumpet, drums, bongos, keyboards, bass and him on guitar.  All perfectly capable of blasting you away - i.e. classic session musicians (usually better than most band members, and so it proved!) - starting with a damn good instrumental, Mark Ronson and his band, all in suits (him in grey to let you know who he was!).  Ronson himself looks like a classic nerd, but by god that's allowable.  Apparently he was born in London, and what a true homecoming it was.

A revolving cast of singers proved well worth it, with the guy from Phantom Planet truly showing what a front man can do - crowd-surfing to the control desk and sitting on it for some time.  The young lady Talia also showed off her amazing voice in front of doting parents.  Sean Lennon also made an appearance (apparently Ronson's best friend) looking like a carbon copy of his dad.  They tramped through all of the 'Version' album at a good clip and even demoed a few new and original songs for good measure, plus a couple of obligatory new covers.  The finale was 'Stop Me' and proved a stupendous way to end.

For a man who has made his name copying others, this was a truly different show, with genuine pleasure on all the performers faces - they'd been told London was a stuffy show!  How wrong could they be.DSC00504.png

Great stuff.

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