Red Hot Chili Peppers - Live in Coventry, 02/07/2006

Finally there is a reason to go to Coventry. Not for long mind, but still.

You see we couldn't get tickets for the London gigs for the Red Hot Chili Pepper's Stadium Arcadium Arena Tour. So, we went all the way to Coventry for it. 250 mile round trip and worth every second.

The Ricoh Arena in Coventry is where Coventry play football, and as such is not custom designed for music. It also seems to have been the first time they had held a rock concert, as the stewards and such like were a little unprepared for the attitude of the fans - i.e. trying to get people to go to the back of the standing section when blatantly there was a 2.3 cm gap in the front row on the right. We had standing tickets, but ended up sitting in the front row, as a) we're old and b) it was a better view! (especially for the little lady!).

Anyway, on to the music:
!!! (maybe ChikChikChikker )played first up and were actually rather good - billed as a sort of electric ambient act, they turned out to be a little like old Faith No More or Mr Bungle. Lots of build-up, and some good fun wiggling during their short set. A group worth looking out for - with some nice tunes. Bit warbling, but all good. Only trouble is that you try searching for them on the internet. Apparently the google response is a blank page - good stuff. The link before appears somewhat accurate, but not sure!

Second on were Dirty Pretty Things - a band I've never really enjoyed too much. I don't really like them or The Libertines. Some of the music is good, but it's all a bit fast and samey for me. Not like The Ramones or anyone I actually like, but more like a drill. In my eye. Fuckers.

Last on were the gods of rock: THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS
Antony Kiedis
John Frusciante
Chad Smith

Amazing Rock.

The amazing band that RHCP are managed to overcome provincial population and a freak heatwave which threatened to demolish the planet and my brain. Despite a problem with parking (apparently databases are rubbish in the hands of fools), which they sorted out it was all good. And the Rollover hotdogs which were rubbish (damn them and the good good pies I didn't have).

Now to the music once more:

Amazing fact: They didn't play "Under The Bridge". However, you didn't notice till you left as they played so many of their thousands of hits. And at every single chance they expanded on the tracks to give a classic 'live' performance. Note perfect in the songs and perfection itself in the wonderful solos and whig-outs, with John Frusciante showing that he is the best guitarist since Slash (in my humble opinion), and even then its debatable whether its a tie or Frusciante wins. He also shows he's not just a virtuoso (a la Buckethead - who I will talk about later) but also a talented vocalist and composer (with his solo stuff and the Chili's behind him). I think he's wicked. Flea played a blinder - rocking out like it was the last gig of the tour and they were back in LA. Chad Smith played like Dave Grohl's dad - beating those drums like his life depended on it.

The music was great - as ever, and if you've ever heard a RHCP cd then you will know their stuff is brilliant. It's even better played live, with the sheer amazing ability of the musicians taking you into different worlds. I've got some really dodgy phone vids of the show which you can see, but they're not great... They'll be at Google Video for you all... Enjoy. See here and search for them (will provide direct links when they're allowed!).

Seriously if there's one thing I can make you do music wise, seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers Live is the one I want to achieve. Do it.

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