Birthday Special - FOO FIGHTERS!

Live in Hyde Park

So good I could have cried. Seriously.

Line Up:
Juliette & The Licks - Awesome
Angels and Airwaves - Not bad - I liked them, even if Tom Delonge was a bit of a prick
Queens Of The Stoneage - Unbelievably good
Motorhead - Bloody good too, despite me not knowing much of their stuff
Foo Fighters - Crazy good.

Seriously they were all awesome. The crowd was awesome. The moshpits were crazy. All good fun. The only problem was that some friends were in the firing line of poor audio due to sound wave cancellation. Bit of an arse, but I was fine so I think they must have been in a rare dead-spot. Strange to think that something like that could happen in today's age but also show's how tricky it is to setup such a massive gig.

The bands were amazing, with Juliette Lewis doing a massive stage dive and surfing for while, Dave Grohl playing Everlong from the middle of the crowd for the best ever finale I've seen. But the surprise of the evening was when Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen came on to play and guitar-battle it out with Grohl with Taylor Hawkins singing Queen's "Tie Your Mother Down". Perfect end to a perfect gig (bear in mind that when I saw the Foos 5 years ago Brian May was watching!) on the Queen's birthday.

It was so good I wore through my trousers.

Getting home was fun too - hot and sun-baked, 85, 000 people milled around. Lovely.

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