AFI - December Underground

Their new cd. Some people are calling foul, titling it a sell-out. It could of course just be an expansion of the band and how they do things. Crazy but possible!

AFI have always been a bit of a mystery to me. How can they sound so good whilst pretending to be a rag-tag group of black jazz musicians from Minnesota?

This may be why I'm so confused.

December Underground is a little more accessible than most of their stuff, but not in any obvious, tangible way. I feel it shows the culmination of their progression since "The Art of Sorrow". A willingness to put the fire of punk in a wrapper of maudlin has never been a problem, but this disc has some of the most catchy riffs and motifs that I've heard for the past couple of years. The strength of the album is depth coupled with instant gratification. Miss Murder is an anthem. Pure and simple. And is great too. Something has got to be good when 85,000 people at a rock concert happily sing along to the stereo system IN-BETWEEN bands.

But seriously the AFI mould is gradually being perfected. I think that in time the doubters will eat their words and their hats. A cracking album, well worth a punt. Plus it has rabbits on the cd.

Posted: Monday - June 19, 2006 at 03:22 PM           |