Wolfmother - Wolfmother

This debut album from the legendary Wolfmother from deepest darkest Oz is like a quick in the teeth that sends you hurtling back to the 70s. The Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath 70s. That's right, the good ones.

At some point in the late seventies/early eighties all the angry young men with whiny voices disappeared. They were replaced by far more gruff 'men' who thought they were tough. Fortunately they weren't.

Nowadays on the other hand all we have is gruff-voiced "gangsta's" who revel in their 'manhood' when what they should actually be doing is finding it. They've usually left it at door, next to their pink slippers and 'manbag'. Making music is not a rough and ready profession - its all about emotions and feelings and that bollocks. Really tough men and women are actual gangsters. They shoot people, and not just for fun either. Now that would be a good show - Big Brother 7 - The Gangster Remix. The show would truly be over each week for one lucky contestant. Next stop The Running Man. If only.

Anyway, this album is wicked. Full of pomposity and verve. Apparently all three guys are hardened 'artistes' of different forms who couldn't be arsed with working for a living so became a band. Good skills. The music is like a combination of the aforementioned Zeppelin and Sabbath with a handy crazy mix of White Stripes chucked in. There is no fear, and lots of experimentation. Stand out tracks are definitely "Mind's Eye", "Colossus" which opens the album with a thundering roar, and the driving force of "Woman". Pick it up before AllofMP3 goes out of business. Admittedly you'd then have to assuage your guilt by phoning up these Aussies send them a fiver, but still...

Its extrovertedly wicked. Listen here: Wolfmother's Suckling Child

Posted: Friday - June 02, 2006 at 08:58 PM           |