Attempting to make amends by creating a new depository 

 Get your free and wonderful medical notes here...

 The play is simple.  Not only have I decided to make more of an effort, and actually fix this damn thing; I've also decided to upload some lovely lovely notes for you:

1.  First up is Barry's Notes.  Now these are old and so not completely up to date, but they are wicked.

2.  Second up the ramp is some Pharma notes.  Also indispensible.

3.  Third is my rapidly withering Wiki of notes.  It will be updated in a random and non-sensicle manner once I have finished Resident Evil 4 again.

4.  Finally I'm also going to put up the Basic Surgical Skills and ATLS course lists.  Cos I'm nice. 

Posted: Saturday - June 02, 2007 at 04:10 PM           |