Loads of things happen

Time flies by and then at the end of the day I have to write some crap down  

What have I been up to?  Well I've been diligently ignoring all efforts to to do anything useful.  I've been working and working hard at the old medical thing.  So much so that I've actually become reasonably skilled at not being too shite at it.  I know a few things now - give or take a lot.  First thing I learned is that most of the actual classical knowledge is shite.  Because how many people can actually tell the difference between one maculo-papular rash (both non-bumpy and bumpy rash) and the 54 million others?  Precisely 1.3 dermatologists.  And of course they work in Perth, Scotland.  But in happier news, Acute Medicine is actually a fantastic rotation.  It means I get to do all kinds of fantastic little things - from lumbar punctures (champagne tap thank you very much!), to PRs (not quite as fun as they involve inserting fingers into bottoms - and whilst most of the internet seems to think thats fun, it's not, especially when a fart comes the other way).
Much of my day is spent organising and administrating.  When I do get the chance to do medicine in anger it's pretty shoddy and a rather alarming learning curve.  It's almost like I've never done this before... strange that!  I had a shocking realisation the other day - I was peeved at not being very good at the whole doctor thing, and how my SpR (most senior junior doctor - one step down from a fully qualified consultant) was much better at everything than I was.  She then merely asked... how long have you been doing this? 6 weeks?  So that's what 30 days maximum?  Ah, you might have a point there...
But I'm getting better at it all, and have grand plans for the future:  Acute Medicine is definitely in.  Old people medicine is filling me with dread - they never get better and they never leave hospital!  Doesn't matter what you do!  Now obviously that's a complete overstatement... well to a degree.  It has to be said that the more medication and longer they're in hospital the longer they stay there.  I like quick-fix medicine, so I am going to be like a whirlwind - getting all these old dears back out on the street ship-shape and ready for extreme sports.  I may fail.
My big ideas:  
1. I'm going to create a lovely online medical textbook, gradually, utilising other sources and my own brain... this should hopefully not hinder things... I will use VoodooPad to create the aforementioned Wiki textbook (like the Wikipedia only factually accurate).
2. I'm going to get fit again, and back into training properly.
3. I'm going to update this thingie.
To this end, I'm going to tell you about the new (THIRD) series of LOST - because it's brilliant.  Like 24, LOST just keeps on getting better.  Seriously get on down and watch it.  All 5 series of 24 are wicked and all 3 series of LOST are too.  Oh and Beck's new album is good too.  Watch for a review soon.

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