British Championships 2006 - Individual and Team

They sucked. Not so bad on the Sunday, but still not great!

Odds of winning having done 6 bouts of exercise in the previous 2 months, of which only 2 are fencing? Not high.
Odds of being able to walk after two complete days of fencing? Minimal.

I managed to survive, just about. However, the lack of training, general fatness and a moment of madness led to my early exit from the Individuals. This was poor, as in the last 5 years, I've come 3rd, poor (bad year!), 1st, 2nd and now 20th-ish.

After an ok poule - bit dodgy in some of the fights, ended up doing just about enough to win, except for one fight (so that's 5 won, one lost), which I lost 5-4, despite doing my most perfect fleche ever (that's the bit where you run at someone), and landed 3 perfect hits on the hand. Obviously they weren't perfect, cos they didn't come up and I got hit in my chest. Bugger.

Then had a nasty last 64 fight - Rob Gore, who I beat in the semi-finals last year! Both of us have had an off year, but it was still a good fight, nip and tuck until I pulled a four hit lead to win 15-11.

Then the bad thing happened - lost 15-12 to James Thornton, whom I normally devour (though he was fencing well I must admit). Leading 10-8 with 20 seconds to go in the 1st of 3 periods I dropped a silly hit and then lost my head, proceeding to run at the guy till I had lost (within that 20 seconds!).

At least my team-mate Al Gerrard won (first comp he's won for 9 years!). This means our club has won the individual title 3 times out of 4 years and last year I came 2nd. Plus all 3 regular members of our club have now won. Pretty darn good for such a small club!

The team was good - easily the best year, with 4 members this time (Al Baker is a new addition to the club). Anyway, we started slowly in the poule, nearly losing to the Haverstock D team (otherwise known as Team Italia - lovely bunch of guys, who were really pretty good fencers!). But eventually ended up as 7th seeds, winning all 3 of our matches. First up in the knock-out was the Team Italia again, who we defeated much more comfortably this time. We then destroyed Stockport in the last 8, before facing Reading in the last 4, whom we again defeated relatively easily. These were all testaments to the standard of our fencing as all of the other fenced well. We were just to strong.

And so on to Haverstock. Again. 3 years in a row we've lost to them. Unfortunately, this was again the case - a very close and enjoyable match going to 45-43. Not quite enough again! Next time, I promise. Still second isn't too bad...

It hurt the next day, lots and lots. But it was worth it. I missed the fencing!

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