So weeks gone by, not long till Hammer Time...

I've been a doctor for: Two Weeks. It still feels great!

Strange to think that I've now become a responsible member of the world's adult populace. However, for me there is an added problem. I need to actually be able to do stuff. Like save peoples lives and write in a legible way. I may be able to do the former at some point, but I think the latter is well beyond my expertise! I start on the 2nd August, and am working at Charing Cross Hospital, first in Acute Medicine. It will be a tough change of life - student life is nice and relaxed and rather peaceful. Working life is going to be a bit tricky. I'll be responsible for trying to stop people from dying the bastards. They do it the whole effing time.

Now yes I do want to do this and it's lovely and all that, but it's scary and I've forgotten everything I've learnt for finals already. It's scary! But hopefully I'm going to do some project work with people to keep my brain alive and remind myself of medicine and surgery. Fingers crossed.

I'm going to do some updating of the site too.

Posted: Wednesday - July 05, 2006 at 03:45 PM           |