All over... Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Exams are complete. I am one year older. Now just the crucial bit of paper to come.

Apparently the future's bright, thought it may or may not be Orange, depending on whether it keeps it's trademark going. Enough digression. The exams are complete.

Writtens? Check
PACES? Check
Panic-ridden waiting for results? Check

So does anyone understand the stress? Oh god I hope so. Some people couldn't take the pressure and gave up. This confuses me. I understand that you might not feel ready and that you're bound to fail, but at least give it a go, surely? What's the worst that could happen? You fail. You don't try, what's the best that could happen? You fail. Notice anything there? It's not fun when best=worst.

PACES exams are strange. It's not something we've ever done before, and whilst it is akin to our OSCES (observed structured clinical examination skills as opposed to practical assessment of clinical examination skills) it is only 5 stations of vivas essentially. You see before it was short and long cases with lots of grilling from examiners. Now it is essentially the same. Just called something different. Now obviously that doesn't happen in the NHS (this written on a day when Charing Cross Hospital in Hammersmith has piad £50k for a statue of a mountain climber, instead of paying back some of the £34.7 million it owes - I love my med school!), for there we would have to have 54 managers to decide on the new name before leaving the concepts the same and then staying on the salary for 15 years doing nothing.

The NHS is actively a black hole - it will always overspend, but if you make silly targets and give money for reaching them then it would cripple any economy in the world, even the Swiss with their 'dodgy' gold stores, let alone the appalling fiasco that is this country.

Anyway, back to me. Tomorrow we get our results. One result is where everyone wants to be - pass and you're a Dr. The other is where heartbreak lies - failure and you lose you're job you fought MDAP for and have to do the whole last 3 months again. Possibly the least fun I can imagine. And then you're a year behind your mates.

Right enough blathering, I've got to get back to the HMV sale - seriously Best of Bowie for £7? Best of Bowie is worth MILLIONS. Well a million at least.

South London sucks. Waterloo is a whole. I may or may not have been on the train when I realised this. Oh well.

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